for 5 orchestras
 Christchurch, New Zealand

Commissioned by Bob Perks (founder and then director of the CSIM) for a CSIM (Christchurch School of Instrumental Music) Demonstration Concert in Cowles Stadium, Christchurch.

An experimental work using graphic notation and inspired by listening to tapes played backwards. All sounds in the second half are an exact mirror image of those in the first half (for example, a gong struck normally in the first half was a gong crescendo with abrupt ending in the second). Important was also the exploitation of the spatial effect of movement and sounds among the orchestras.

On the stage there were five orchestras, from beginners to the very good Youth Orchestra (centre stage). The idea that sounds would move back and forth across the wide stage meant that often the beginning of a phrase started left and finished right. This made for a rather difficult preparation period, since each orchestra rehearsed separately and only on the day of the concert did they all come together. Fortunately it worked at the end and the final result was well received.