Let all words be music

2016 7 minutes
Small Choir, Trombone, Piano
Text Michael Harlow
 Old Conservatory Zurich

A work planned for my 80th birthday concert (in this year 2017 both Michael Harlow and I will be 80) to take place in the Great Hall of the old Zurich Conservatory on 2. 12. 2017 by the Vokalensemble under the baton of Peter Siegwart.

Let all words be music

I am, you are, she is, he is, we are … taking a line for a walk, taking a line she is, I am, you are, we are, for a walk

Inside the word is the music, inside the music is the word: to tell love, one must write, to tell love, one must write as if you are singing …, to say, let all words be music, all music be one song

‘Despite all dark things there are in the world, there will always be music’

Michael Harlow
Let all words be music
Vokalensemble Zürich