These pieces utilise among other forms Abelian Form, a concept I developed whereby the proportions of a large form are reflected in its constituent parts.

Because of the superficial similarity of Piano Poems to the Lilburn *Nine Short Pieces (also for piano) Jack Body arranged to have them performed at a memorial concert in Wellington after the death of Douglas Lilburn.

Description of the Nine Pieces:

  1. Abelian form (3 X 3 matrix) with overlaps
  2. A mirror piece
  3. A chance piece: Four different chords (determined by chance) and their order and the interruptions by the fist rolls were also determined by chance
  4. Abelian form (4 X 4 matrix): all sections are four bars long. Subsection Ab is the mirror of subsection Bb, etc
  5. Free form
  6. Bogen form: A, B, C, C’, B’, A’, where A’ is the augmentation of A, etc
  7. Free variations on a short melody
  8. Abelian form (3 X 3 matrix): all repetitions are shortened
  9. Abelian form (4 X 4 matrix) using fragments from Pieces 1 to 8
Piano Poem 8, Dan Poynton