Performed in Bülach, Eglisau and at the Tonkünstlerverein meeting in Kreuzlingen.

Commission from Fiona’s school Kantonsschule Zürcherunterland, in Bülach, who paid me by employing me for three hours a week for one semester (about Fr.5000.-), first to write it and then to help with rehearsals. The work was conducted by Ueli Falett and performed by Fiona and her teacher, Annette Fahrländer, and members of the school orchestra.

The form and pitch rows were derived from Fiona’s name: 14 letters

  • F I O N A J A N E P O W E L L

which gave the work 14 proportions, which were also used for divisions within the movements. To reduce the workload on the amateur orchestra, movements with the same corresponding letter have the same music in the orchestral parts just the solo parts are different.

To make a connection with the school, the movements are descriptive of the elements of a model solar system which one sees as soon as one arrives at the school: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, (and then one is aware of the school) Cadenza I, Work I, Cadenza II, Work II, Work III, (and then the rest of the planets which reach high up to the top of the hill behind the school) Mars . . . . Pluto.