Ich lebe mein Leben

1997 4 minutes
Soprano, Trombone
Text Rilke
Dedicated to Regula Giedion
Commissioned by Andres Giedion

After the tragic death of our friend Andres Giedion's highly gifted daughter, he asked us if we could do something musical for the funeral. Brigitte found the Rilke text:

Ich lebe mein Leben (1899)

Ich lebe mein Leben in wachsenden Ringen, die sich über die Dinge ziehn. Ich werde den letzten vielleicht nicht vollbringen, aber versuchen will ich ihn.

Ich kreise um Gott, um den uralten Turm, und ich kreise jahrtausendelang; und ich weiß noch nicht: bin ich ein Falke, ein Sturm oder ein großer Gesang.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Ich lebe mein Leben
Fiona Powell (Soprano), Philip Powell (Trombone)
I live my life

I live my life in ever-growing circles which stretch out over all the things. I will not, perhaps, complete the last one, but I will try.

I circle around God, around the ancient tower, and I circle thousands of years long; and I still don't know: am I a falcon, a storm, or a large song.

translation K.P.

It was first scored for Soprano (Fiona) and Trombone (Philip) and they practised it together. In the end, for some reason I now forget, it was sung with the organ in the chapel where the service took place.

I include both versions here: