Works with Michael Harlow

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A series of works in collaboration with the poet, Michael Harlow:

Michael and Kit in Eglisau, July 2005

No. 25     Stone Poem (1976, for double wind quintet, 2 speakers and stone curtain)

No. 34     Texts for Composition (1980, graphic scores, published in “Vlaminck’s Tie”, AUP 1985). Here is 

               Day 1 of Texts for Composition:The first text (“Wake early . . . “) was inspiration for the graphic

                and the second (“Play what you hear . . .”) a reaction to it. The work has 10 “days”:

No. 39     Devotion to the Small (1980, soprano & percussion ensemble, Waitiata Music Press 1980)

No. 45     Nothing but Switzerland and Lemonade (1985, soprano and instrumental trio)

No. 51     Poem then, for love (1983, soprano, baritone and percussionist)

No. 56     Nelson Songs (1986, baritone and tape)

No. 61     Les Episodes (1987, soprano, baritone and orchestra)

No. 67     Father’s Telescope (1989, baritone, speaker and tape)

No. 68     The Green Man (1989/92, solo percussion)

No. 77     Vlaminck’s Tie (1985/92, baritone and piano)

No. 83     After Babel (1995, soprano, brass quartet and piano)

No. 107   Today is the Piano’s Birthday (2003, soprano and piano)

No. 108   A Shout (2005, soprano, women’s chorus and piano)

No. 118   Missa Profana (2008/10 soli SATB, chorus SATB and orchestra)

Day 1

Wake, early

                      on your birth-day

breath in,

                    breath out,

like (two) boatmen



Play what you hear / forward

then / backward : let the phrase

move in & out, let light & dark

be as a mirror :