Works with Jürg Schubiger

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No. 79     Hauptsache, man geht zusammen hin (1989/93, comic opera for solo SATB and

                instrumental ensemble)

No. 88     Verschiedene Tiere (1997, four songs for soprano, horn or trombone and piano)

No. 89     Der Wal (1997, movement for spoken chorus and piano duet)

No. 104   Das Ausland (2003, movement for soprano and trombone)

No. 117   Alles unter einem Hut (2008, 12 texts for children for soprano and string orchestra)

Kit, Jürg, Annadore Neufeld (conductor) & Fiona (sop.) after a performance

of “Alles unter einem Hut” - Schaffhausen, March 2010. Photo: Graziano Orsi

Jürg Schubiger, Renate Bänninger and Kit Powell in Neuchâtel, 2005