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Kit Powell was born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1937. While studying in Europe in 1966/67 he met Brigitte, his Swiss wife. Since 1984 the Powell family lives in Switzerland. Both children are musicians: Philip, a trombonist and Fiona, a soprano (picture below - performing Das Ausland).

Kit Powell has a MSc (in maths) from Victoria University of Wellington and a B Mus (Hons) from Canterbury University. He taught maths and music at Linwood High School, Christchurch from 1962 until 1975 when he joined the staff of the Christchurch Teachers College. He was also active teaching courses for New Music and for Creative Music with children. Since living in Switzerland (after 1983) he taught Music Theory at the Conservatories in Zürich and Winterthur and English privately. He is now retired.

His works include compositions in all fields of music: choral (sung and spoken), orchestral,  chamber music, brass band, percussion, music theatre, electro-acoustic. . .  His special interests in composition include the use of chance techniques and also music with found objects (stone, metal, wood, etc.) c.f.: Musik mit gefundenen Gegenständen (Pan Verlag).

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